Blog 6 – Practical English or TOEIC

Today, I want to write about my personal preference for either Practical English or TOEIC.

I think Practical English actually develops better English skills than TOEIC. The reason for my choice is I think studying language needs to communicate with other people. In that sense, Practical English class has very nice environment to develop our English skills.

I think learning English from a native speaker is better than form a Korean teacher for us. Since we have studied English with Korean teachers since childhood, I think it is important to have a chance to study English with native speakers.

I liked the aspects of Practical English in our Freshman that we had studied English very interestingly and easily with friends and native speaker professor. But I didn’t like the aspects of Practical English that there are so many homework and project.

I think my English skills really have improved by taking Practical English. I didn’t have enough confidence to speak English before taking the class, but I have confidence that I can speak English with other people now.

TOEIC is a good measure of English ability. I think it could use to check our English level.

I think both of classroom environments are good to reconcile properly. Each one has its own merits and demerits. Sometimes we have to study in the class where the teacher lectures and students take notes, and sometimes we need to the format is more collaborative and interacting on a more social level with the teacher.

I think it’s not a good idea for Freshman students to take a TOEIC course in their Freshman year of university. Because we only need the TOEIC score when we are in getting a job, we don’t have to take a TOEIC course at the first year of university.

Thank you for reading my personal preference for either Practical English or TOEIC. I want it can help you to find a good way to improve student’s experience in Practical English class. Thank you!!



People have many habits that are influenced their life. Today, I want to assess about my lifestyle and think about what I need to change. Some habits are good for me and some things are bad for me.

First, let’s check about my good habits.
I always eat breakfast. Eating breakfast gives me energy to start the day. I think it is the best lifestyle I have. And I like eating healthy foods. I am eating health supplements such as vitamins, lactic acid, and red ginseng steadily. These healthy supplements help me intake the deficient nutrients. And I walk a lot. I use public transportation when I commute to school. Our university located in mountain, so I have to walk a lot. And instead of taking elevators, I use stairs. Through these actions, I can replace other exercise.


Next, check about my bad habits.
My sleep pattern is irregular. Sleeping late and getting up late has become routine. It disrupts my lifestyle. Also, I always eating late at night. It is harmful to me. In fact, my bad sleeping habit is the cause of eating late. Lastly, smoking is the worst habit I have. I can’t stop it though I know that it’s bad for me.


So far, I have investigated about my lifestyle. Through this, I can think about what I need to fix to have a healthy lifestyle. First, I think it is important to make regular sleeping habits. And quitting smoking is also important. I’ve been trying to quit smoking, and I’m still quitting smoking. It must be tough, but I must quit smoking for my health. And it is necessary to exercise hard. Planning and constant exercise is the best way I can have healthy life.


Thank you for reading my lifestyle. I want you have time to check your lifestyle. It is very important.

My Hobby

Today, I want to write my hobby that would like to have if I had enough free time.

If I have enough time, I want to make a band and sing a song in the band. Because I have admired musicians who play music in the band since I was young. I really like listening to music. And I like singing a song too. So, I want to be a vocalist in the band. Because I like music, I want to learn how to play musical instruments and write music. If I had a chance, I would like to try it.

But making a band isn’t easy. To make a band, I need at least three people to play music together. Also, it costs a lot of money. That’s why we have to buy various instruments such as drums, guitar, bass, microphones, etc. There are many places to sing in the main street, such as Hongdae and Itaewon. Of course, we need money to rent such a place. If our songs will be popular, we may be able to receive money to perform music in other place. Also, we can earn money through YouTube. Through YouTube, I watched videos of various bands, they earn lots of money in proportion to their video’s hits.

These band activities will bring me a new will to live. Because since I was young, I have been studying without a dream. As I grew older and became a college student, I felt that life was not fun. Of course, I have to study to earn money and live. However, if I have a such a good hobby, I think my life will be fun.

I think having interesting hobby is really important for people’s life. I wish you will have good hobby. Thank you.

My Chuseok Experience

Today, I write about Chuseok. It is Korean’s special holiday. It has great meaning to Korean who are an agricultural people. It celebrates the result of hard work of that year. At Chuseok night, there is a full moon. It means bearing fruit also.


Everyone in our family gets together to grandparent’s house at Chuseok. In there, I can meet all of my family who live far apart. I arrived at house, I pay my respects to the old people at home. And I talk to my younger cousin and play with them.

Screenshot_20171008-203922(they are my cousin)

And we help mothers to making Chuseok foods. Advantage of the day is eating a lot of delicious food. Our family don’t have memorial service for ancestors. But we make delicious Chuseok food like Kalbi, Songpyeon, Jeon. Also, eating ripe fruit (pear, apple, persimmon) is so happy. Songpyeon is a half-moon-shaped rice cake is eaten at Chuseok. I made it personally when I was child. There is an old tale that women who make beautiful Songpyeon will marry good men in Korea. Sometimes I couldn’t make it well, I thought I’m lucky because I’m a boy.  After dinner, our family get together to talking each other and watching TV program. When I was young, we had played Yunnori and other games together. It is missing, but I like Chuseok. Because my relatives give me allowance. I feel affection of Korean family at the moment.


In the past, Chuseok was anniversary of rich year. But Korea is becoming rich and industrialized country today. So, we don’t celebrate rich year anymore. Why don’t we abolish that day? In the Past, all family lived in one house. But nowadays, nuclear families are much more common. So today, I think Chuseok means everyone in family gets together and shares feeling of each other. We can feel family’s love at Chuseok. Therefore, Chuseok is necessary  holiday for Korean.

Thank you for reading.

My favorite teacher from high school.

Hi. Today, I want to write about my favorite teacher from high school. It has been that long since I graduated high school, so that my memory is blurred. But I try to remember.

I think my high school had exact discipline. All students had same hairstyle like soldier. Because it was boy’s high school. So most of teachers are man also. And the school had had stern rules that include to inflict corporal punishment. It was terrible. So, I found merit of high school. It was a woman teacher. She taught English. Her first impression is so small and cute. And she looked like fainthearted. So, she had a hard time first. There were male students who were troublemakers. But she was very smart and wise people. She had leadership that makes students concentrate. And there was nothing that she didn’t know. We questioned all thing, even they aren’t related in English, she had all answers. I didn’t like studying English because I’m Korean. But I had to study English. She was a great help to me. I had good grade of English in high school to her help. And she was tenderhearted. She didn’t discriminate against students based on grades or family background. She also helped sick students. Other teachers doubted that students feigned illness. But she trusted students. All students and I liked her and I respected her.

I don’t want to return high school, but I really want to meet her again.

Thank you for reading my story.

Essay: Blog 1 – Follow 3 WordPress Blogs

Let me introduce 3 blogs that is related to my hobby.


First blog is Tactical Fouling. The blog administrator study football tactics and analyze football matches. This blog analyzes many famous football team (for example – Real madrid, Manchester United..)’s matches and tell me knowledge of football. I’m interested in playing football and watching it also. So, I want to know the tactics that big football club use. That is why I chose to follow this blog.


Second is Trend Council. The person the blog belongs to is Mitchell Kass. This blog shows look-book of men’s fashion brand to us. This is useful to me because I’m interested in fashion design. This blog is simple, they only use picture, so that  I can see many brand’s new arrivals easily.롤

Last one is Cyber Power PC. The blog manager is Ian Kane and Nchang. They custom high-performance gaming PC and laptops. And they tell many latest game news. My major is computer, so I like computer and PC games. Especially I like play League of Legends, they have a lot of this game’s information. So, I chose to follow this blog.


Thank you.

Three advantages of studying English

It is difficult to study English, but studying English is really helpful. I selected 3 advantages of studying English for me.

Firstly, English helps me in daily life. English is a global language that is used everywhere in the world. Most people around the world today have English as a first or second language. So, English is used a lot in our daily lives. Even we use Konglish, broken English used by Koreans. And we can communicate with foreigners when we travel abroad or meet a them on the street.


Secondly, English is helpful to study my major. English is important to me who study computer major. Most of computer program are consist of English term, it is difficult to study computer if we don’t have enough English ability. And English helps me to study other subjects. A lot of studies like mathematics, physics, and engineering use English also.


Thirdly, We can use foreign websites easily. Sometimes, I buy clothes and other things on the foreign websites. When I have a problem, I can send e-mail in English to resolve it. And I like soccer, I can watch English Premier League or UEFA Champions League on the foreign websites.


There are lots of reason I have to study English. So I will study English hard.

Sahmyook University

I experience a lot of pros and cons about Sahmyook University while I attend it. Now I explain that I like and don’t like about it.

First, Sahmyook University has many advantages that I like.

Smoking is prohibited within the school, so we have clean air in the campus. In addition, they support programs help prohibition of smoking

And they are nature friendly university. Students can feel nature through work-oriented-education class.

Also view of campus is so nice. You can see beauty of four seasons.


The university emphasis on personality education. Through many programs of personality, they help students grow up to be good person.


And the university has a few weaknesses that I don’t like.

Sahmyook University believe in Christianity. Although I’m not interested in the christian religion, I have to attend chapel. It is so tired.

The transportation is so inconvenient. They located in suburb of Seoul.  The scale of university is too big, so that we have to walk a lot. Although they have beautiful campus, the students feel that they climb mountain everyday.


And they have cafeteria which sells healthy foods. But most of food is vegetarian dishes. So they are tasteless to some people.

Even though Sahmyook University has a few weaknesses, I like the university’s advantages.

A person I admire

A lot of great man is in the world, Admiral Yi Sun-shin is a person I admire.


I admire him because when our country was in danger by the Japanese invasion, He defended the country. And I think a leader like him is needed for Korea now.

He is admiral of Joseon kingdom has been a country before Korea.  All Koreans know Admiral Yi Sun-sin, and admire him also. He is famous for his victories during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592. He won 23 victories in 23 battles! Even he defeated 330 Japanese warships with only 12 ships. He is considered to be one of the top three admiral in the world. He was a loyal retainer for king and good leader for his subordinates. And he really loved his country.


People wants to know him, they can see his movie, tv program, and book very easily in Korea. You can see his face on the 100-won coin.


He influenced my life very much. If he were not, I wouldn’t be Korean now. And I feel pride this great man was in our country .

Although my dream is not soldier, I learn a lot from him. I affected by his strong mind that never give up. And I feel patriotism and sense of duty from his last words “Don’t let the enemy know about my death”.


A Good Place for a foreigner to visit in Seoul

Let me introduce a good place for a foreigner to visit in Seoul.


First, I recommend The Lotte World Tower. It is located in Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul.

Seoul metropolitan subway system is very convenient, so visitors can go to the tower at Line 2,8 Jamsil Station easily.

The tower is the highest tower in Korea, and the third highest tower in the world, tourists can see Seoul’s view at the Seoul Sky, the top of the tower.

They experience a thrilling facility at an altitude of 500m, watch exhibition of the theme, Pride of Korea.

And many shopping centers and restaurants are in the tower, so they can many different thing at once.

Although I haven’t gone there, because the tower opened 1weeks ago, I think it can be a new landmark of Korea.

And The Gyeongbokgung palace is the most famous place for a foreigner visitors in Seoul.

It is located in Jongno-gu, Seoul. It is also easy to get go to the palace at Line 3 Gyeongbokgung Station.

The palace has beautiful scenery of Korean ancient palace and nature.

Many events in the palace, visitors can experience Korean traditional culture. Recently, It opens at the midnight, they can see night view of Korean ancient palace. But they have to make a reservation.

And free admission is offered the people wear Hanbok. It is good experience wearing Hanbok and walking in the Gyeonbokgung.

And a lot of place is to sightseeing in Seoul, like the Seoul tower, the Cheongyecheon Stream …etc. I wish foreigner tourists have a good time in Seoul.